Maxxis Minions 27.5"

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Biscuit33 posted this 18 October 2017


I have a new  27.5"  full suss, great bike but the Specialized tyres are awful!  So would like to replace with 2.3" Maxxis Minion DHFs and DHRIIs

I've been told to get the 3C versions as the side knobs are softer, can you comment?


Paul B


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admin posted this 18 October 2017


On 3C (triple compound) versions the side knobs are definitely softer than the dual compound. I would recommend the 3C version for the DHF front.

For the rear you have a choice, some people like the 3C on the rear too, others prefer the (cheaper) dual compound on the rear as the side knob grip is less important.

So it's down to personal choice but a good setup either way for sure.

Alternatively if you have room and enough clearance try a Minion DHF 2.5" up front and the rear 2.4" DHRII which seems to be the popular choice currently.



Biscuit33 posted this 18 October 2017

Great thanks for reply, as I thought

Order placed, cheers Paul